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North Dakota State PIRC is a Parent Information and Resource Center; Funded by US Department of Education, Office of Innovation and Improvement

Lending Library Policy

North Dakota State PIRC offers a statewide education resource library consisting of books, videos, DVDs, and CD-ROMs. The project also has a large informational resource library. You may order resources via email, telephone, or mail. Resource materials are obtained from many professional sources.

LIBRARY POLICIES: You may access the library in person at the Arrowhead Center, Minot; or order resources via email, telephone, or mail.
1600 2nd Avenue SW, Suite 29
Minot ND 58701-3459

1-888-763-7277 or 701-837-7510

Checkout Policy: Library privileges are free to North Dakota residents. You can visit our office or we will mail items to you free of charge. A paper listing of items in the resource libraries is available by calling or writing the Center.

All: The North Dakota State PIRC library has a check out period of two weeks. The maximum amount we will ship to you at one time is 3 items. You may renew any books or videos for two more weeks after we check to be certain they are not on our waiting list. We have a library slot outside the Center's door for after hour returns if you reside in or near Minot.

Borrowers are responsible for any item(s) lost or damaged. Borrowers will receive an invoice for items not returned after thirty days. Replacement costs are the actual cost of the item(s) to North Dakota State PIRC. We ask that you do not lend out any book or video. If you wish to share your resource, call the office to arrange to place the item in another person's name; or you will be responsible for the return of the item.